ARRIS C250 250mm Pure Carbon Fiber Micro FPV Quadcopter Frame Kit


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Product Description

ARRIS C250 250mm FPV racing quadcopter is the latest ARRIS 250 series racer. The main feature of this frame is light weight,low gravity center, durable and agile. It suitable for both beginners and experts.

ARRIS C250 is made of pure carbon fiber material. The upper plate and side plate adopts 1.5mm pure carbon fiber material, decrease the weight of the whole frame. Meanwhile, the motor arm adopts 4mm carbon fiber material, ensure the strength of the frame. The total weight of the frame is about 137g.With the simplify one-piece design and lower gravity center design, all kinds of flight actions can be done with facility.

The layout design of the C250 is reasonable, the standard flight controller and PDB board can install there.On the frame, there is reserved space for the XT60 female battery connector.The motor arm has holes for 220x series motors, and both 5 inches and 6 inches propellers can install on the C250 frame.

With the adjustable camera mount on the frame, you can adjust the angle of the camera freely.

ARRIS C250 also comes with the 3M foam damper which has good vibration-suppressing effect during the landing.

Pacakge Included:
1 x ARRIS C250 250MM FPV racing quadcopter frame
4 x 3M Foam Damper


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