SunFounder 250 FPV Quadcopter Drone Frame Kit CC3D ESC Simon 12A Motor MT2204 Glass Fiber Racing Flying 4-Axis Propellers Battery Balance Charger for Openpilot EMAX Lumenier QAV250


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Product Description

The remote control and its receiver are not included.

The realization of FPV flying starts from having a SunFounder 250 aircraft. The SunFounder 250 Quadcopter is tailored for the hobbyists for FPV flying. It features stability, flexibility and activity. You can realize a stable flight in a high or low altitude or in a forest with the SunFounder 250. The skid landing damping sponge tubes bound onto the motors help stablize the flight and protect the frame through increasing the buffer between the frame and the land when the aircraft is landing.
It runs the OpenPilot firmware of the flight controller firmware and the 12A brushless electronic speed controller. This kit is designed to meet the hobbyists' higher requirement of flying the aircraft. You can realize a stable flight in a small space or a rapid 3D flight based on your own configuration and parameter setting.
The Image Transceiver Kit is available on
For the FPV TFT LCD, you are recommended to this link:
Get the Carbon Fiber version at

Package included
1 x Quadcopter Frame (set)
4 x MT2204-2300KV CW /CCW Motor
1 x Balance Charger
1 x Battery Indicator
1 x Power Adapter
4 x 12A ESC
1 x Li-Po Battery
4 x CW/ CCW Propellers
1 x CC3D Flight Controller
1 x Adapter Cable
1 x USB Cable
1 x Heat Shrink Tubing
5 x 3M glue
20x Nnylon Zip Ties
4 x Damping pipe
24x Banana Bullet Connector
1 x Damping plate (set)
1 x Section Board
1 x Lashing
1 x Allen Wrench
1 x Velcro Tape


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